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Total Quality Management

Toplam Kalite Yönetimi

Although there are different approaches to definition of Total Quality Management; it can be defined as a management approach that focuses on quality within an organization, based on the participation of all members of the organization, aims long-term success through customer satisfaction and benefits all members and the society.

TQM is not a series of programs, but a management philosophy. In order for TQM to be successful, it must be adopted by the whole organization and implemented with top determination.

TQM aims to improve the quality at every stage of the work done. This includes not only the goods and services produced, but also the quality of the people who produce and use the goods and services, and even the adoption of quality as a lifestyle.

TQM is a system that sees customer satisfaction before profit. Customer satisfaction brings long-term profits, but giving priority only to profit brings earning in the short term. TQM is a system that includes an integrated set of philosophy, teams and processes to achieve the goals of the business by creating satisfied customers and happy employees.